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Wood-processing company of European level

“Vivad 09” is the successful wood-processing company of European level. “Vivad 09” is the powerful wood-processing enterprice, which is located in Romaniv (Zhytomyr region).

The enterprice makes the full cycle of wood-processing, as a result the production is waste-free. The company produces the following kinds of goods:

  • Lamella
  • Industrial parquet
  • Mosaic parquet
  • Stab parquet
  • Timber
  • Fuel briquettes
  • Oak wastes and fragments for firing fireplaces.

The company “Vivad 09” sells 99% of its products mainly to European countries. The company's partners and customers are the world's leading wood processing companies

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Company Benefits

Why us?

High quality products

The production process of the enterprise is made in such a way that it allows to produce high-quality products. Due to the quality of the products, the company is able to successfully cooperate with the world leading companies in the field of wood processing.

Continuous development and improvement

The company continuously develops and improves the production process in order to produce the best products.

Newest production technologies

The production process of the company is made taking into account the current world trends of both the wood processing industry and many other fields of activity.

Non-waste production

The production process of the company involves the processing of all raw materials, including those that could be considered as waste. Waste from lamella and parquet production is processed into actual solid fuel - fuel briquettes. It allows the production process of the company to be completely waste free.

Team of professionals

The employees of the company are professionals of the wood processing industry, through which the company produces high-quality products of European level and is approaching the leadership in the wood processing industry of Ukraine.

The production scheme

How do we work?

Preparation of raw materials. Delivery of raw materials

Wood processing. Storage of recycled wood - timber
The company has developed a modern approach to the process of wood processing and storage of timber
Drying of timber
The company carefully controls the moisture content of raw materials using a modern drying complex. This allows to receive the highest quality products
Lamella production

In the work shop for lamella production a high-quality flooring of 2 kinds is made from the best quality workpiece, namely: 1-strip and 3-strips top layer

1-strip top layer
3- strips
Production of the parquet
Dried in the drying chambers workpiece is directed for the production of another type of flooring - industrial and mosaic parquet

The company is one of the leaders in the production of parquet in Ukraine.

Production of fuel briquettes as well as oak wastes and fragments for firing fireplaces
Fuel briquettes as well as oak wastes and fragments for firing fireplaces are produced from wood waste, which is formed in the process of production

The rational use of raw materials and waste from the production of basic products allows us to make the production processes of the company waste-free.

An export of produced goods
The company's products are exported mainly to EU countries. 99% of regular partners are the world's leading wood processing companies
Planting of trees
The company uses trees for the production of its goods, and also takes part in planting of trees to restore Ukrainian forests